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* ALEXANDER: Primate Alexander - Archbishop of Armagh
   A Memoir
   By Eleanor Alexander (London, 1914) - OL - William Alexander (bishop) in: Irish Graves - WikipediaHis wife Cecil Frances Alexander (nee Humphreys), hymnist ('All things bright and beautiful', 'Once in Royal David's City', etc.) in: Irish Graves - WikipediaTheir daughter Eleanor Alexander in: Irish Graves

* ARDAGH: A Brief Memoir of the Rev. Samuel B. Ardagh, A.M., T.C.D.

   Late Rector of Barrie and Incumbent of Shanty Bay, Lake Simcoe, Upper Canada; b. Fethard, Co. Tipperary, 1803, son of Rev. Arthur Ardagh, A.M. and Anne Brown
   By Rev. Samuel J. Boddy, M.A. (for Private Circulation only, Toronto, 1874) - OL


   - Burnet's Lives of Hale, Bedell and Rochester
     By (?) Burnet (London, 1830) - OL
   - The Life of William Bedell, D.D.
     Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland
     Printed for John Southby (London, 1685) - OL
   - The Life of William Bedell, D.D.
     Lord Bishop of Kilmore in Ireland
     By Gilbert Burnet, D.D., now Lord Bishop of Sarum (London, 1692) - OL
   - The Life of William Bedell, D.D.
     Lord Bishop of Kilmore
     By H. J. Monck Mason, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (London, 1843) - IA
   - A True Relation of the Life and Death of...William Bedell
     amplified with Genealogical and Historical Chapters
     By Thomas Wharton Jones, F.R.S. (London, 1872) - OL
   - Two Biographies of William Bedell, Bishop of Kilmore
     with a Selection of his Letter and an Unpublished Treatise
     By E. S. Shuckburgh, M.A., Emmanuel College (Cambridge, 1902) - OL - William Bedell in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia


   - Life and Letters of George Berkeley, D.D.
     formerly Bishop of Cloyne
     By Alexander Cambell Fraser, M.A(Oxford, 1871) - IA
   - The Works of George Berkeley, D.D., Bishop of Cloyne - Vol I - Vol II
   including an Account of His Life; b. Killerin, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny
   By Rev. G. N. Wright (London, 1843) - IA - The town and university in California was named after him in 1866; George Berkeley in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia


   - The Works of ... John Bramhall D.D.
     (Anglican) Late Lord Archbishop of Ardmagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland. With the Life of the Author [of the works]
     By Jo:Lymeric (Dublin, 1677) - OL
   - The Rawdon Papers
     consisting of Letters to and from John Bramhall
     By the Rev. Edward Berwick (London, 1819) - OL - John Bramhall in: Wikipedia

 Life and Letters of Stopford Brooke - Vol I - Vol II

   chaplain and author; b. Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, 1832; chaplain in ordinary to Queen Victoria; later a Unitarian
   By Lawrence Pearsall Jacks, M.A., Hon. LL.D., D.D. (New York, 1917) - OL - Stopford Augustus Brooke (chaplain) in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia


* CAHILL: Rev. D. W. Cahill, D.D.
   The Highly Distinguised Irish Priest, Patriot and Scholar, containing a brief sketch of his life
   By Unknown author (American edition, 1855) - OL - Dr. Daniel Cahill in: Irish Graves

* CALLAGHAN: Memoirs and Writings of the Very Reverend James F. Callaghan, D.D.

   Compiled by his Sister, Emily A. Callaghan (Cincinnati, 1903) - OL

* CARMODY: Souvenir of Very Rev. Monsignor Carmody's Golden Jubilee 1845 - 1895

   b. Croom, Co. Limerick, 1822, arrived Halifax, 1845
   By Unknown Author (Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1895) - OL

* CARROLL: The Life and Times of John Carroll Vol I - Vol II

   1735 - 1815. ..the first bishop of the Catholic Church in the United States. Discussion of ancestry of the Carroll families in Maryland
   By Peter Guilday (New York, 1922) - IA - John Carroll (bishop) in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - An Account of the Infancy, Religious and Literary Life of Adam Clarke, LL.D., F.A.S., etc., etc. etc.
     short pedigree begins on p. 42; My father John Clarke was the son to William Clarke, who was the son to John Clarke, who was the son to William Clarke ...of the Grange, Co. Antrim ...who was appointed in 1690 to receive the Prince of Orange at Carrickfergus.
     Ed. by Rev. J. B. B. Clarke, M.A. (New York, 1833) - IA
   - The Life of the Rev. Adam Clarke, LL.D., F.A.S., M.R.I.A., etc.
     Methodist theologian; b. 1760 or 1762 near Tobermore, Co. Londonderry
     By J. W. Etheridge, M.A. (New York, 1859) - OL - Adam Clarke in: Wikipedia

Collections towards illustrating The Biography of the Scotch, English and Irish Members, S.J.

   By George Oliver (1838) - OL

* CUSACK: The Nun of Kenmare

   Autobiography of the late Mother General of the Sisters of Peace
   By Sr. M. Francis Clare Cusack (1889) - OL - Margaret Anna Cusack in: Wikipedia

* DALY: Memoir of the late Right Rev. Robert Daly, D.D.
   (Church of Ireland) Lord Bishop of Cashel
   By Mrs. Hamilton Madden (1875) - OL - Robert Daly (bishop) in: Wikipedia

* DAVIES: Journal of the Very Rev. Rowland Davies, LL.D.
   Dean of Ross... (County Cork)
   Edited by Richard Caulfield (1857 ) - OL

* Defenders of Our Faith - in America
   Biographies and Portraits of our Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops; many Irish born or first generation Americans of Irish descent
   By John Gilmary Shea, LL.D. (New York, Chicago, 1892) - OL

* DICKINSON: Remains of the Most Reverend Charles Dickinson, D.D.

   (Anglican) Lord Bishop of Meath; with a Biographical Sketch
   By the Rev. John West. D.D. Vicar of St. Anne's, Dublin (London, 1845) - OL - Charles Dickinson (bishop) in: Wikipedia

Distinguished Irishmen of the Sixteenth Century
   First Series - Lives of Irish Jesuits
   By Rev. Edmund Hogan, S.J. (1894) - IA

* DONNELL: Life of Rev. George Donnell

   First Pastor of the Church in Labanon. With a Sketch of the Scotch-Irish Race
   By President T. C. Anderson (1858) - OL

* DONNELLY: The Life of Father Bernard Donnelly

   b. Kilnacreva, County Cavan son of John Donnelly and Rose Fox
   By Rev. William J. Dalton (Kansas City, 1921) - OL

* DOWD: Golden Jubilee of the Reverend Fathers Dowd and Toupin

   with a historical sketch of Irish Community of Montreal. Biographies of Pastors...
   Edited by J. J. Curran, Q.C. , M.P. (1887) - OL


   - Father William Doyle, S.J.
     military chaplain
   - A Year's Thoughts
     Collected from the writing of Father William Doyle, S.J.
     By Alfred O'Rahilly (London, 1922) - OL - Willie Doyle in: Wikipedia


   - Bishop Doyle 'J.K.L.'
     A Biographical and Historical Study; James Warren Doyle b. New Ross, Co. Wexford, 1786
     By Michael MacDonagh (London, Dublin, 1896) - OL
   - The Life, Times and Correspondence of the Right Rev. Dr. Doyle - Vol I - Vol II
     (R.C.) Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin
     By William John Fitzpatrick, J.P. (1861) - OL - James Warren Doyle in: Wikipedia


* EDGAR: Memoir of John Edgar, D.D., LL.D.
   Professor of Systematic Theology for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
   By W. D. Killen, D.D. (Belfast, 1869) - Ol - John Edgar (minister) in: Wikipedia

* EDMUNDSON: Journal of the Life, Travels, Sufferings and Labour of Love

   in the Work of the Ministry of that Worthy Elder, and Faithful servant of Jesus Christ, William Edmundson - founder of Quakerism in Ireland
   Pub. by J. Sowle (London, 1715) - OL - William Edmondson (Quaker) in: Wikipedia

* EGAN: Rt. Rev. Michael Egan, D.D.
   First Bishop of Philadelphia
   By Martin I. J. Griffin (1893) - IA - Michael Francis Egan in: Wikipedia


* FAHEY: Sister Mary Gabriel Fahey
   b. New Ross, Co. Wexford
   The Maine Catholic Historical Magazine Vol 7 No. 4 (Waterville, Maine, April, 1917) - HT

* The Fathers of the Irish Presbyterian Church
   - Biographical Notices, p. 256
     By Rev. W. D. Killen, D.D. (Belfast, 1886) - FHB

* FEEHAN: The Life of Patrick Augustine Feehan - Bishop of Nashville
   First Archbishop of Chicago. 1829 - 1902. ...was born... at Killenaule, County Tipperary
   By the Reverend Cornelius J. Kirkfleet, Ord. Praem. (Chicago, 1922) - OL - Patrick Augustine Feehan in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* GIBBONS: The Life of Cardinal Gibbons - Archbishop of Baltimore
   ...the birthplace of James Gibbons was within the parish of the Cathedral... His parents, Thomas and Bridget Gibbons, had lately come from Ireland...
   By Allen Sinclair Will, M.A., Litt.D., LL.D. (New York, 1922) - OL - James Gibbons in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* GREGG: John Gregg, D.D., Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross

   b. Cappa, Ennis, Co. Clare
   By his son Robert Samuel Gregg, D.D. (Dublin, 1879) - OL - John Gregg in: DNB - Wikipedia

* GURLEY: Memoir of Rev. William Gurley - late of Milan, Ohio

   ...including a Sketch of the Irish Insurrection and Martyrs of 1798
   By Rev. L. B. Gurley (1856) - OL


* HAIRE: The Praying Plumber of Lisburn
   Thomas Haire, B. Co. Down
   By A. W. Tozer (Harrisburg, undated) - IA

* HEALY: Memories of Father Healy of Little Bray

   James Healy, one of 23 children...
   By Unknown author (London, 1904) - OL

* HEALY: Papers and Addresses

   Theological, Philosphical, Biographical, Archaeological
   By the Most Rev. John Healy, D.D., LL.D., M.R.I.A., Archbishop of Tuam (Dublin, 1909) - OL - John Healy (archbishop) in: Wikipedia


   - The Life of Archbishop Hughes - First Archbishop of New York
     ...was born in the town of Clogher, Tyrone county... 1798
     By Unknown author (Philadelphia, 1864) - IA
   - The Most Rev. Archbishop Hughes, D.D.
     Biographical Sketch from pamphlet on St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
     By Very Rev. Wm. Quinn, V.G. (West Chester, 1879) - OL - John Hughes in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* INGLIS: A Missionary Apostle - Charles Inglis, D.D. First Bishop of Nova Scotia
   A Sermon preached in Westminster Abbey on the Centenary of his Consecration; b. abt. 1733 to Rev. Archibald Inglis of Glen and Killearr, Co. Donegal; Inglis emigrated first to Pennsylvania
   By William Stevens Perry (London, 1887) - FHB - Charles Inglis (bishop) in: Dictionary of Canadian Biography OnlineWikipediaHis son John Inglis (bishop) in: Dictionary of Canadian Biography OnlineFind A Grave - Wikipedia


* JEBB: The Life of John Jebb, D.D., F.R.S., Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe
   b. city of Drogheda 1775 to John Jebb, Esq., Alderman of Drogheda; pedigree included
   By the Rev. Charles Forster, B.D. (London, 1838) - IA - John Jebb (bishop) in: Wikipedia


* KENRICK: Diary and Visitation Record of the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick
   Administrator and Bishop of Philadelphia 1830 - 1851; later Archbishop of Baltimore; b. Dublin, 1796
   By F.E.T. (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1916) - OL - Francis Kenrick in: Wikipedia

* KENYON: Father John Kenyon

   A Patriot Priest of Forty-Eight; b. Limerick, son of Patick Kenyon and Mary McMahon
   By L. Fogarty, M.A. (Dublin, 1921) - OL - John Kenyon (priest) in: Wikipedia


Lives of the Irish Martyrs and Confessors
   also a very full and complete history of The Penal Laws, by Parnell
   By Myles O'Reilly, B.A., LL.D.Rev. Rich'd Brennan, A.M., LL.D. (New York, 1882) - OL

* LYNCH: Life and Labors of Archbishop Lynch

   First Archbishop of Toronto. Born near Clones, Co. Monaghan in 1816
   By H. C. McKeown (1886) - OL - Lynch, John Joseph in: Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online - Find A Grave - Wikipedia


* MacHALE:
   - Archbishop Mac Hale
     His Life and Times; A Lecture delivered at... Chicago
     By Martin A. O'Brennan, LL.D. (1870) - OL
   - The Life and Times of the Most Rev. John Mac Hale
     Archbishop of Tuam and Metropolitan
     By Rev. Ulick J. Cannon Bourke, P.P., M.R.I.A. (1883) - OL
     Canon Ulick Bourke in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia
   - John Mac Hale Archbishop of Tuam - Vol I - Vol II
     His life, times and correspondence
     By Right Rev. Bernard O'Reilly, D.D., D.Lit. Laval. (1890) - OL - John MacHale in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia


* McAULEY: Life of Catherine McAuley
   Founder of the Sisters of Mercy
   By Unknown author (pages missing) (London? 1871) - OL - Catherine McAuley in: Irish Graves Wikipedia


  - The Life of John Cardinal McCloskey 1810 - 1885
   First Prince of the Church in America; son of  Patrick McCloskey, b. Dungiven and his wife (and relative) Elizabeth Harron of Banagher m. Cathedral of Derry, 1808; emigrated to Brooklyn same year
   By John Cardinal Farley (New York, 1918) - OL
   - His Eminence Cardinal McCloskey
   Biographical Sketch from pamphlet on St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
   By Very Rev. Wm. Quinn, V.G. (West Chester, 1879) - OL - John McCloskey in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* McKENNA: Very Rev. Charles Hyacinth McKenna, O.P., P.G.

   Missionary and Apostle of the Holy Name Society; b. Fallalea, Maghera, Co. Derry/Londonderry, 1835
   By Very Rev. V. F. O'Daniel, O.P., S.T.M. (New York, 1917) - OL

* McMULLEN, D.D.: The Life and Writing of the Right Reverend John McMullen, D.D.

   First Bishop of Davenport, Iowa; b. Ballynahinch, Co. Down, 1832; emigrated to Quebec from Warren Point with a group of family members including parents James McMullen and Alice FitzSimons
   By Rev. James J. McGovern, D.D. (Chicago, Milwaukee, 1888) - OL - John McMullen in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - The Life and Correspondence of William Connor Magee - Archbishop of York Vol I - Vol II
   Bishop of Peterborough. ...born in Cork 1821
   By John Cotter MacDonnell, D.D. (London 1896) - IA - William Connor Magee in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia

* MAGINN: A Life of the Rt. Rev. Edward Maginn

   Coadjutor Bishop of Derry (R.C.)
   By Thomas D'Arcy M'Gee (1857) - OL - Edward Maginn in: Wikipedia

* MAHER: Memoir of the Rev. James Maher, P.P.

   of Carlow-Graigue; b. Donore, Co. Carlow, 1793; from 'The Letters of Rev. James Maher, etc...'
   By Right Rev. Patrick Francis Moran, D.D., Bishop of Ossory (Dublin, 1877) - OL


   - Beatha an Athar Tioboid Maitiu
     Life of Theobald Mathew (in Irish with English introduction); Temperance advocate
     By Sean Ui Chaeallaigh (Dublin, 1907) - OL
   - Father Mathew: A Biography
     Peoples edition
     By John Francis Maguire, M.P. (London, 1865) - OL
   - Father Mathew - Ireland's Apostle of Temperance
     ...strange to say two of [his brothers] became distillers...; extract from 'The World's Workers'
     By John William Kirton, LL.D. (London, 1885) - OL
   - A Memoir of the Very Rev. Theobald Mathew
     By the Rev. James Bermingham of Borisokane (New York, 1841) - OL
   - Remarks of Hon. H. S. Foote, of Mississippi in the Senate, 1849
     On the Resolution to permit the Rev. Theobald Mathew to sit within the Bar of the Senate
     By H. S. Foote (Washington, 1849) - OL - Theobald Mathew in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* MATHIAS: Brief Memorials of The Rev. B. W. Mathias

   Benjamin Williams Mathias; late Chaplain of Bethesda; b. Dublin
   Published by William Curry (Dublin, 1842) - OL

Memorials of those who Suffered for the Catholic Faith in Ireland

   in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries; Index of Memorials; Index of Places
   By Myles O'Reilly, B.A., LL.D. (New York, 1869) - OL

* MURRAY: Notices of the Life and Character of His Grace Most Rev. Daniel Murray

   late Archbishop of Dublin. Born Arklow, County Wicklow
   By Rev. William Meagher, P.P. (Dublin, 1853) - OL - Daniel Murray (bishop) in: Wikipedia


* NEVILLE: Sister Mary Agnes Patricia Neville
   b. New Ross, Co. Wexford
   The Maine Catholic Historical Magazine Vol 7 No. 4 (Waterville, Maine, April, 1917) - HT

* O'GROWNEY: Leabhar an Athar Eoghan - The O'Growney Memorial Volume
   Eugene O'Growney, author of 'Simple Lessons in Irish'; b. Athboy, Co. Meath, 1863, d. Los Angeles, California, bur. Calvary Cemetery; disinterred and proceeded by circuitous route and much ceremony to Maynooth, Co. Kildare where he was reburied
   By Agnes O'Farrelly, M.A. (Dublin, London, ) - OL - Eugene O'Growney in: Wikipedia

* O'LEARY: The Life and Writings of Rev. Arthur O'Leary

   b. Acres, Fanlobbus, Dunmanway, Co. Cork, 1729
   By Rev. M. B. Buckley (Dublin, 1868) - OL

* O'QUEELY, KEELY: Dr. O'Queely, Archbishop of Tuam

   The Irish Ecclesialsical Record Vol XVII (Dublin, 1905) - IA - Malachy O'Caollaidhe in: Wikipedia


* ORR: The Life and Times of Rev. John Orr, M.A. of Portaferry
   A Lecture
   Delivered by James C. Rutherford, B.A. (Belfast, 1912) - FHB

* OUSELEY: A Memorial of the Ministerial Life of the Rev. Gideon Ouseley
   Irish Missionary - Wesleyan Conference; with notices of the most distinguished Irish Methodist Missionaries
   By William Reilly (New York, 1848) - - OL


* PERCY: Percy: Prelate and Poet
   life of Thomas Percy (1729 - 1811), Bishop of Dromore
   By Alice C. C. Gaussen (London, 1908) - OL - Thomas Percy (Bishop of Dromore) in: Wikipedia


   - Life of Right Reverend Patrick Phelan, Third Bishop of Kingston
     Born 1795 Ballyragget, County Kilkenny
     By the Clergyman who served Bishop Phelan's last Mass (Kingston, Ontario 1862) - OL
   - Notice sur Mgr. Patrice Phelan, Troisieme Eveque de Kingston
     Communique au Journal de Quebec (in French, Quebec, 1857) - OL - Phelan, Patrick in Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online - Find A Grave - Wikipedia
* PLUNKET: Memoir of the Ven. Oliver Plunket
   Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland
   By Cardinal Moran (Dublin, 1895) - OL - Oliver Plunkett in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* PLUNKET: William Conyngham Plunket

   Fourth Baron Plunket and Sixty-First Archbishop of Dublin - A Memoir
   By Frederick Douglas How (London, 1900) - OL - William Plunket, 4th Baron Plunket in: Mount Jerome Cemetery - Wikipedia

* PRENDERGAST: Edmond F. Prendergast, Archbishop of Philadelphia

   b. Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, 1843
   By Unknown author (Philadelphia? 1912) - OL - Edmond Francis Prendergast in: Wikipedia


A Roll of Honour
   Irish Prelates and Priests of the Last Century
   By Various authors (Dublin, 1905) - OL

* RYAN: Memorial of the Life and Labors of Rt. Rev. Stephen Vincent Ryan, D.D., C.M.

   Second Bishop of Buffalo, N.Y. He was born in Almonte, Canada; his father Martin Ryan came from near Thurles, County Tipperary
   By Rev. Patrick Cronin, LL.D. (Buffalo, New York, 1896) - OL - Stephen V. Ryan in: Wikipedia


* SCRIVEN: What A Friend We Have In Jesus
   and other Hymns by Joseph Scriven; with a Sketch of the Author; b. Dublin, 1819, graduate of Trinity College; emigrated to Canada about 1855
   By Rev. Jas. Cleland (Port Hope, Ontario, 1895) - OL - Joseph Medlicott Scriven in: Find A GraveWikipedia

* SHEEHAN: Canon Sheehan of Doneraile

   The story of an Irish Parish Priest as told chiefly by himself in books personal memoirs and letters
   By Herman J. Heuser, D.D. (New York, 1917) - OL - Patrick Augustine Sheehan in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia

Sketches of the Lives and Times of Eminent Irish Churchmen

   From the Reformation Downwards
   By John Walton Murray, LL.D. (Dublin, 1874) - OL

Some Worthies of the Irish Church

   - Richard Lingard, D.D.
   - Dudley Loftus, D.C.L.
   - Narcissus Marsh, D.D. - Narcissus Marsh in Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia
   - William King, D.D. - William King (bishop) in: Wikipedia
   - St. Colman of Lindisfarne and Innisbofin - Colman of Lindisfarne in: Wikipedia
   Lectures by George Thomas Stokes, D.D.
   Edited by Hugh Jackson Lawlor, D.D. (London, 1900)- OL

* STEVENSON: Life and Letters of William Fleming Stevenson, D.D.

   Minister of Christ Church, Rathgar, Dublin
   By his wife, E. M. Stevenson (London, Edinburgh, New York, 1890) - OL


* TALBOT: Life of Matt Talbot
   By Sir Joseph A Glynn (Dublin, 1942) - OL - Matt Talbot in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia


   - The Life of Jeremy Taylor
      Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore
      By George L. Duyckinck (New York, 1860) - IA
   - The Life of the Right Reverend Father in God, Jeremy Taylor, D.D.
      Chaplain in Ordinary to King Charles the First and Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore
      By the Rev. Henry Kaye Bonney, M.A. (London, 1815) - OL
   - The Life of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.D.
      Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore with a Critical Examination of his Writings
      By the Right Rev. Reginald Heber, D.D. late Lord Bishop of Calcutta (London, 1828) - OL - Jeremy Taylor in: Wikipedia

* TIERNEY: Sister Mary Rose Tierney
   b. Co. Clare
   The Maine Catholic Historical Magazine Vol 7 No. 4 (Waterville, Maine, April, 1917) - HT

James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh
from 'The Whole Works...' (Elrington, 1847)

   - The Life of Dr. James Usher late Lord Archbishop of Armagh
      and Primate of All Ireland
      By Unknown author (Dublin, 1815) - IA
   - The Life and Times of James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh
      By J. A. Carr, LL.D. (London, 1895) - OL
   - The Whole Works of the Most Rev. James Ussher, D.D. - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII - Vol VIII - Vol IX - Vol X - Vol XI - Vol XII - Vol XIII - Vol XIV - Vol XV - Vol XVI - Vol XVII
     with a Life of the Author and an account of his writings; in 17 Vols
     By Charles Richard Elrington, D.D. (Dublin, 1847 - 1864) - OL - James Ussher in: Wikipedia


   - Life and Correspondence of Richard Whately, D.D. - Vol I - Vol II
      Late Archbishop of Dublin
      By E. Jane Whately (London, 1866) - IA
   - Memoirs of Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin - Vol I - Vol II
      with a Glance at his Contemporaries and Times
      By William John FitzPatrick, J.P. (London, 1864) - OL - Richard Whately in: Find A Grave - Wikipedia


   - The Life and Times of Cardinal Wiseman - Vol I - Vol II
     By Wilfrid Ward (London, 1912) - OL
   - Lives of Irishmen's Sons and their Descendants
     Including Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman
     By Colonel James E. McGee (New York, 1874) - IA
   - Nicholas Wiseman
     Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman, b. Seville, Spain 1802; his grandfather James Wiseman of Waterford settled in Seville
     By Brian Fothergill (New York, 1963) - IA - Nicholas Wiseman in: Wikipedia

Saints of Ireland
See also Lives above
   mention of druids, witchcraft, fairies, holy wells, legends of saints, etc.
   By Lady Wilde (London, 1902) - IA

Bethada Náem nÉrenn - Lives of Irish Saints - Vol II

   By Charles Plummer, M.A. (Oxford, 1922) - OL

Biographical Sketches of Ancient Irish Saints etc

   By the Rev. Hubert McLaughlin, M.A. (London, 1874) - OL

Book of Martyrs; or a History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs

   from the commencement of Christianity, to the latest period of Pagan and Popish persecution; to which is added...the massacre in the Irish Rebellion, in the year 1641
   By Rev. John Fox, M.A.; Rev. Charles A Goodrich (Middletown, 1832) - OL

A Book of Saints and Wonders put down here

   According to the old writings and the memory of the people of Ireland
   By Lady Gregory (London, 1908) - Questia

A Calendar of the Saints of Ireland

   The Martyrology of Donegal - manuscript by Fr. Michael O'Clery, 1630
   Translated by John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1864) - IA

Genealogiae Regum et Sanctorum Hiberniae

   (Genealogy of Kings and Saints of Ireland) by The Four Masters, edited from the manuscript of Michel O'Cleirigh with appendices and an index; Preface in English, text in Irish
   By Rev. Paul Walsh, M.A. (Maynooth, 1918) - OL

The Holy Isle

   or a Sequel to the Life of St. Patrick; Lives of St. Bridgid, St. Columba, St. Malachy, etc.
   Published by J. B. Rolland (Montréal, 1870) - OL

Ireland - Its Saints and Scholars

   By J. M. Flood (Dublin, London, 1917) - OL

The Lives of the British Saints - Vol I - 
Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV

   ...and such Irish Saints as have Dedications in Britain
   By S. Baring-Gould, M.A.; John fisher, B.D. (London, 1907) - OL

Lives of Saints from the Book of Lismore

   with translation, notes and indices
   By Whitley Stokes, D.C.L. (Oxford, 1890) - IA - Whitley Stokes in: Wikipedia - Select Bibliography in: CELT


   - Acta Sancti Brendani
     Original Latin Documents
     Ed. by Right Rev. Patrick F. Moran, D.D. (Dublin, 1872) - OL
   -  Brendaniana - St. Brendan the Voyager
     in story and legend
     By the Rev. Denis O'Donoghue (Dublin, 1893) - OL - Brendan in: Wikipedia

* St. BRIGID: St. Brigid - Patroness of Ireland

   By Rev. J. A. Knowles, O.S.A. (Dublin, 1907) - OL - St. Brigit in: Irish Graves - Brigit of Kildare in: Wikipedia

* St. COLUMBKILLE: Life of St. Columbkille

   extracted from Irish parchments; to which are added Visions of St. Patrick and Bridget, Prophecies...
   Translated by the Rev. Mr. Taafe (Boston, 1859) - Villanova University
* St. DECLAN, St. MOCHUDA: Life of St. Declan of Ardmore and St. Mochuda of Lismore
   Edited from mss. in Bibliotheque Royale, Brussels and Library of Royal Irish Academy
   By Rev. P. Power, M.R.I.A. (London, 1914) - OL - Declan of Ardmore (St. Declan) in: WikipediaMo Chutu of Lismore (St. Mochuda) in: Wikipedia

* St. FECHIN: The Life of Saint Fechin of Fore

   The Apostle of Connemara
   By Rev. John B. Coyle, C.SS.R. (Dublin, 1915) - OL

* St. FIN BARRE: Life of Saint Fin Barre, First Bishop and Founder of the See of Cork

   By Richard Caulfield, B.A. (1864) - IA - Finbarr of Cork (St. Finbarr) in: Wikipedia

* St. FURSEY: St. Fursey's Life and Visions and Other Essays

   missionary and visionary, d. 650 A.D.
   By Sarah Atkinson (Dublin, 1907) - OL - Saint Fursey in: WikipediaSarah Atkinson in: Irish Graves

* St. KIERAN: Beatha Naoim Chiaráin Saighre - Life of S. Kieran (The Elder) of Seir

   The Gaelic Text; edited with literal English Translation, Notes, etc.
   By Rev. D. B. Mulcahy, P.P., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1895) - UR2


   - The Life of St. Malachy O'Morgair
     By Rev. John O'Hanlon (Dublin, 1859) - IA
   - St. Bernard of Clairvaux's Life of St. Malachy of Armagh
     By H. J. Lawlor, D.D., Litt.D. (New York, 1920) - OL
   - An Historical and Critical Account of the so-called Prophecy of St. Malachy
     regarding the Succession of Popes
     By M. J. O'Brien (Dublin, 1880) - OL - Prophecy of the Popes in: WikipediaSt. Malachy in: Wikipedia

* St. MOCHUA:  St. Mochua and The Round Tower

   By Joe Williams (Dublin, 2006) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI

* St. MOLING: The Birth and Life of St. Moling

   edited from a manuscript in the Royal Library, Brussels; with a translation and glossary
   By Whitley Stokes, D.C.L. (100 copies privately printed, London, 1907) - FHB - Mo Ling in: Wikipedia

* OLIVER PLUNKET: Memoir of the Ven. Oliver Plunket

   Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland who suffered death for the Catholic faith in the year 1681
   By Cardinal Moran (Dublin, 1895) - OL


   - The Life of Saint Patrick
     By Rt. Rev. M. J. O'Farrell, Bishop of Trenton (New York, ?) - OL
   - The Life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
     By M. F. Cusack (London, 1871) - IA
   - The Life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
     to which are added the lives of Saint Bridget and Saint Columba
     Published by John Murphy and Co. (Boston, 1850) - OL
   - The Life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
     By William Bullen Morris (London, 1890) - OL
   - The Life of St. Patrick and his Place in History
     By J. B. Bury, M.A. (London, 1905) - OL
   - A Popular Life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland
     By An Irish Priest (New York, 1863) - OL
   - St. Patrick
     His Life, His Heroic virtues, His Labours, and the Fruits of His Labours
     By Very Rev. Dean Kinane, P.P., V.G. (London, 1920) - OL
   - Saint Patrick and the Early Church of Ireland
     By the Rev. Wm. M. Blackburn, D.D. (Philadelphia 1869) - OL
   - Succat - The Story of Sixty Years of the Life of St. Patrick
     A.D. 373 - 433
     By Monsignor Gradwell (London, 1891) - OL
   - The Tripartite Life of Patrick - Part I - Part II
     By Whitley Stokes, D.C.L., LL.D. (London, 1887) - OL - St. Patrick in: Find A Grave - Irish Graves - Wikipedia

The Saints of Erin - Legendary History of Ireland

   By L. Tachet de Barneval; Translated from French by John Gilmary Shea (Boston, 1857) - OL

Three Middle-Irish Homilies on the Lives of Saints Patrik, Brigit and Columba

   Ed. by Whitley Stokes (100 copies privately printed, Calcutta, 1877) - OL

Three Months in the Forests of France

   A Pilgrimage in search of Vestiges of the Irish Saints in France
   By Margaret Stokes (London, 1895) - OL

Ruins of the Cistercian Inch Abbey, Downpatrick, Co. Down
(Photograph by 'PJC')

Abbey, Monastery, Order
List of abbeys and priories in Ireland in: Wikipedia
* Abbey of Dungiven, County of Londonderry
   extract from 'The Dublin Penny Journal'
   By 'P' (Dublin, ) - IA

The Abbey of Fahan in Inis-Owen County Donegal
   By William J. Doherty, D.E. (Dublin, 1881) - OL

* Abbey of Howth

   with some account of the Family of St. Laurence and Sir John de Courcy
   Dublin Penny Journal (Dublin, ) - IA

The Abbey of Ross ( Co. Galway) - Its History and Details
   By Oliver J. Burke, A.B.T.C.D. (Dublin 1869) - OL

Account Roll of the Priory of the Holy Trinity, Dublin

   By James Mills (Dublin, 1891) - OL

The Ancient Dominican Foundations in Ireland

   an Appendix to O'Heyne's Epilogus Chronologicus
   By Rev. Ambrose Coleman, O.P., M.R.I.A. (Dundalk, 1902) - IA

Archives of the Jesuits in Ireland

   Historical Manuscripts Commission
   By John T. Gilbert  (London, 1895) - IA

* The Augustinian Friaries in Pre-Reformation Ireland

   By Francis Xavier Martin, O.S.A. (Dublin? late 20th Century) - IA

Ballintubber Abbey, Co. Mayo

   Notes on its History; Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
   By Martin J. Blake (Galway, 1904) - OL - Ballintubber Abbey in: Wikipedia

Carmel in Ireland

   A narrative of the Irish Province of Teresian, or Discalced Carmelites 1625 - 1896
   By Rev. James P. Rushe O.D.C. (Dublin, London, 1903) - OL

* The Charters of the Abbey of Duiske

   at Graigenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny; transcribed from the manuscripts of the Marquess of Ormonde, Kilkenny Castle
   By Constance Mary Butler; John Henry Bernard (Dublin, 1918) - OL

Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin A.D. 1525 - Vol II

   with the Register of its House at Dunbrody, and Annals of Ireland; Preface in English, text in Latin
   Edited by John T. Gilbert, F.S.A., M.R.I.A. (London, 1884) - OL

The Dominicans of Cork City and County

   By Rev. James A. Dwyer, O.P. (Cork, 1896) - OL

* Dunbrody Abbey

* Interior of Dunbrody Abbey, County of Wexford
   Cistercian monastery
   Extracts from 'The Dublin Penny Journal' (Dublin, 1835) - IA - Dunbrody Abbey in: Wikipedia

The Episcopal Succession in England Scotland and Ireland - Vol I

The Episcopal Succession in England Scotland and Ireland - Vol II
   A.D. 1400 to 1875 with Appointments to Monasteries...
   By W. Maziere Brady (Rome, 1876) - OL

* Extents of Irish Monastic possessions 1540 – 1541

   By Newport B. White, M.A. (1943) - IMC

* The Forgotton Hermitage of Skellig Michael

   By Walter Horn; Jenny White Marshall, Grellan D. Rourke (Berkley, Los Angeles, Oxford, 1990) - University of California Press website

The Foundation of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford

   By J. H. Bernard (Dublin, 1917) - OL

An Historical Account of the Ancient Culdees of Iona

   and of their Settlements in Scotland, England, and Ireland
   By John Jamieson, D.D., F.R.S, S.A.S.E. (Edinburgh, 1811) - OL

A History of all the Abbeys, Convents, Churches and other Religious Houses of the Order [of St. Augustine]

   Particularly the Hermits of St. Augustine in Ireland
   By W. J. Battersby (Dublin, 1856) - IA

A History of the Irish Dominicans - Vol I

   Irish Dominican Bishops 1224 - 1307
   By M. H. MacInerny, O.P. (Dublin, 1916) - IA

History of the Irish Hierarchy
   with Monasteries of each County, Biographical notices...
   By the Rev. Thomas Walsh (New York, 1856) - OL

* Irish Churches and Monastic Buildings I

   The First Phases and the Romanesque
   By Harold G. Leask M.Arch., Litt.D., M.R.I.A., F.S.A., F.R.S.A.I., F.R.I.A.I. (Dundalk, 1955) - IA

* The Irish Monasteries in Germany - Continuation

   JSTOR extract from The Ulster Journal of Archaeology (Belfast, 1859) - IA

* The Irish Monks and the Norsemen
   from 'Transactions of the Royal Historical Society' - Vol VIII
   By Henry H. Howorth, Esq., F.S.A. (London, 1880) - IA

* Magdalene's Steeple

   on the remains of the Dominican Convent, Drogheda
   By 'R. A.' (Dublin, 1832) - IA

Materials for the History of the Franciscan Province of Ireland
   A.D. 1230 - 1450
   Collected and Edited by the late Rev. Father E. B. Fitzmaurice, O.F.M. and A. G. Little (Manchester, 1920) - OL

Mellifont Abbey, Co. Louth - Its Ruins and Associations

   A Guide and Popular History
   Published for The Cistercians (Dublin, 1897) - OL

Monasticon Hibernicum: or A History of the Abbeys, Priories and other Religious Houses in Ireland - Vol II

   interspersed with Memoirs of their several Founder and Benefactors... How their possessions were disposed of after Suppression
   By Mervyn Archdall, A.M. (Dublin, 1876) - OL

Monasteries and Religious Houses of Great Britain and Ireland

   By Francesca M. Steele (London, 1903) - OL

Notes and Records of the Ancient Religious Foundations at Youghal, Co. Cork

   and its Vicinity
   By Rev. Samuel Hayman, B.A. (1854) - OL

An Outline of the History of Mourne Abbey (Cork)

   From Various Sources
   By Patrick O'Regan (no details) - FHB

* Quin Abbey

   also called Quint or Quinchy, Franciscan abbey in the Barony of Bunratty, near Ennis, County Clare
   Extract from 'The Dublin Penny Journal' (Dublin, 1834) - IA - Quin Abbey in: Wikipedia

Registrum Prioratus Omnium Sanctorum Juxta Dublin

   Register of All Hallows, Dublin - in Latin
   Edited by Rev. Richard Butler, M.R.I.A. (1845) - OL

The Rise and Fall of the Irish Franciscan Monasteries

   and Memoirs of the Irish Hierarchy in the Seventeenth Century
   By the Rev. C. P. Meehan, M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1870) - IA

* The Sisters of Mercy

   Supplementary Manual - Historical Sketches 1831 - 1931
   (New York, 1931) - HT

* Timoleague Abbey
   County Cork
   Extract from 'The Dublin Penny Journal' (Dublin, 19th century) - IA - Timoleague Friary in: Wikipedia

* Triumphalia Chronologica Monasterii Sanctae Crucis in Hibernia

   'The Glorious History of the Monastery of Holy Cross in Ireland'; index
   Edited with translation by Rev Denis Murphy, S.J., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1895) - OL

Diocesan History

List of Anglican dioceses in the United Kingdom and Ireland in: Wikipedia
List of Roman Catholic dioceses in Ireland in: Wikipedia
Bishop of Achonry in: Wikipedia
   - Notes on the Early History of the Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry
     By Hubert Thomas Knox (Dublin, 1904) - OL


Bishop of Annaghdown in: Wikipedia
   - Diocese of Annaghdown
     Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society
     By Very Rev. J. Fahey, D.D., V.G., P.P. (Galway, 1904) - OL


Roman Catholic Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise in: Wikipedia
   - Records relating to Ardagh and Clonmacnoise
    With Map
    By Rev. John Canon Monaghan, D.D., V.F. (1886) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI


Diocese of Armagh (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Armagh in: Wikipedia
   - The History of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh
     with a short reference to the state  of religion in Ulster previous to and since its erection
     By the Rev. John Gallogly, C.C., Tullyallen, Drogheda (Dublin, 1880) - OL
   -  Introduction - Armagh Diocesan Registry Archive
     409 volumes and abt. 17655 documents
     By Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) - (Belfast, 2007) - official website


Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly in: Wikipedia


Diocese of Clogher (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
Roman Catholic Diocese of Clogher in: Wikipedia
   - Clogher Clergy and Parishes
      includes notes on the History of Clogher Diocese; list of subscribers
      By Rev. James B. Leslie, M.A., M.R.I.A. (Private Print for Subscribers, Enniskillen, 1929) - OL
   - Diocese of Clogher Parochial Records - Monaghan
     By Revd. J. E. McKenna, P.P., M.R.I.A. (Enniskillen, 1920) - FHB


 Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
 Roman Catholic Diocese of Cloyne in: Wikipedia
   - Some Bishops of Cloyne
      Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
      By Very Rev. Horace T. Fleming, Dean of Cloyne (Cork, 1896) - OL
   - Statistical Account of the Diocese of Cloyne - 1774
      'Topographer and Genealogist' - Vol III
      By James Hingston ( London, 1858) - OL


 Bishop of Cork in: Wikipedia
   - DAVIES: Journal of the Very Rev. Rowland Davies, LL.D., Dean of Ross
      (and afterwards Dean of Cork) from 1688 - 1690; to which is added: Extracts from the Council-Book of the Corporation of Cork 1690 - 1699
      Ed. by Richard Caulfield, B.A. (Camden Society, London, 1857) - OL
   - A Lecture on the History of the Bishops of Cork and Cathedral of St. Fin Barre
     By Richard Caulfield, B.A. (1864) - OL


Roman Catholic Diocese of Down and Connor in: Wikipedia
     Ancient and Modern
     By the Rev. James O'Laverty, M.R.I.A. (1880 - 1887) - OL


Bishop of Down, Connor and Dromore in: Wikipedia
   - Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and Dromore
     consisting of a taxation of those Dioceses, compiled in the year MCCCVI (1306); with Notes and Illustrations
     By the Rev. William Reeves, M.B., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1847) - OL


Archbishop of Dublin in: Wikipedia
   - Archives of the See of Dublin
     Historical Manuscripts Commission
     By John T. Gilbert  (1895) - IA
   - The Memoirs of the Archbishops of Dublin
     By John D'Alton, Esq., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1838) - OL


Diocese of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh (Church of Ireland) in: Wikipedia
Roman Catholic Diocese of Elphin in: Wikipedia
     North Roscommon and the Diocese of Elphin in times of old
     By Very Rev. Francis Burke, M.A., Deal of Elphin, and Diocesan Registrar (1895) - AAI - Short review of this book on AAI


Diocese of Emly in: Wikipedia
   - Notes on the Cathedral of Emly and Family of Hurly
     'Topographer and Genealogist' - Vol III
      By Richard Caulfield, B.A. (London, 1858) - OL


Roman Catholic Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin in: Wikipedia
Bishop of Leighlin in: Wikipedia
   - Collections relating to the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin - Second Series
   Diocese of Kildare
   - Collections relating to the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin - Third Series
   Diocese of Leighlin
   By the Rev. M. Comerford, M.R.I.A. (1883 - 1886) - OL, AAI - Short review of this book in AAI


Diocese of Killala in: Wikipedia
   - Notes on the Early History of the Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry
     By Hubert Thomas Knox (Dublin, 1904) - OL


Diocese of Killaloe in: Wikipedia
   - The Diocese of Killaloe
     From the Reformation to the close of the 18th Century
     By Rev. Philip Dwyer, A.B. (Dublin, 1878) - OL


Diocese of Killaloe in: Wikipedia
Bishop of Kilfenora in: Wikipedia
Diocese of Clonfert in: Wikipedia
Bishop of Kilmacduagh in: Wikipedia
   - The Diocesan History of Killaloe, Kilfenora, Clonfert and Kilmacduagh
     A.D. 639 - A.D. 1886
     By Edward Alexander Cooke (Dublin, 1886) - OL
   - The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Kilmacduagh
     By J. Fahey, D.D., V.G. (Dublin, 1893) - FHB


Diocese of Kilmore in: Wikipedia
   - The Diocese of Kilmore
     Its History and Antiquities
     By Philip O'Connell, M.Sc., F.R.S.A.I. (Dublin, 1937) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI


Diocese of Limerick in: Wikipedia
   - The Black Book of Limerick: Studies on the Diocese of Limerick
     Inaugural-Dissertation zur erlangung de Philosophichen Doktorwuerde
     By Jakob MacCaffrey of Fivemiletown, Co. Tyrone (Dublin, 1906) - IA
   -  The Diocese of Limerick
     Ancient and Medieval
     By Rev. John Begley, C.C. (1906) - AAI
   - The Diocese of Limerick
     In the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
     By John Canon Begley, P.P., V.F., M.R.I.A. (1927) - AAI - Short reviews of these books in AAI


Diocese of Meath in: Wikipedia
   - The Diocese of Meath - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
      Ancient and Modern
      By the Rev. A. Cogan, C.C., Navan (Dublin, 1862 - 1870)
   - The Ecclesiastical History of the Diocese of Meath - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
     By the Rev. A. Cogan, C.C. (1862 - 1870) - AAI - Short review of these books in AAI
   - History of the Diocese of Meath - Vol I - Vol II
      By John Healy, LL.D. (Dublin, 1908) - OL


Transactions of the Ossory Archaeological Society in: Journals
Diocese of Ossory in: Wikipedia
   - Archives of the See of Ossory
      Historical Manuscripts Commission
      By John T. Gilbert  (1895) - IA
      Prosecuted for Sorcery in 1324 by Richard de Ledrede, Bishop of Ossory
      Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., F.S.A. etc. (London, 1843) - OL
   - History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV
     By Rev. William Carrigan, C.C., M.R.I.A. (1905) - AAI - Short review of these books in AAI


Archdiocese of Tuam in: Wikipedia
   - A History of the Archdiocese of Tuam - Vol I - Vol II
      By Right Rev, Monsignor D'Alton, P.P., LL.D., M.R.I.A. (1928) - AAI - Short review of these books in AAI
   - Notes on the Early History of the Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry
      By Hubert Thomas Knox (Dublin, 1904) - OL


Diocese of Raphoe in: Wikipedia
   - A History of the Diocese of Raphoe - Vol I - Vol II
     By the Very Rev. E. Canon Maguire (1920) - AAI - Short review of these books in AAI

Diocese of Ross, Ireland in: Wikipedia
   - Journal of the Very Rev. Rowland Davies, LL.D.
      Dean of Ross... (County Cork); b. Gille Abbey or Gill Abbey Castle, near Cork, 1649
     Edited by Richard Caulfield (London, 1857) - OL

From Grose's 'The Antiquities of Ireland' Vol I (London, 1791)

Parish History
See also: Irish Local History
An Ancient Irish Parish - Donaghmore, County Down
   including churchyard inscriptions
   By J. Davison Cowan, LL.D. (T.C.D.) (1914) - IA

* Armagh Clergy and Parishes

   being an account of the clergy of the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Armagh, from the earliest period, with historical notices of the several parishes, churches, etc.; list of subscribers
   By Rev. James B. Leslie, M.A. (Private Print for Subscribers, Dundalk, 1911) - OL

Brief Sketches of the Parishes of Booterstown and Donnybrook

   In the County of Dublin
   By the Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, A.M. (1860) - OL - Short review of this book in AAI

* Case of the Rev. Paul Limerick, Rector of Kilmoe, Co. Cork, as to the Glebe of Crookhaven

   Extract from 'Topographer and Genealogist' - Vol II
   By S. T. (London, 1853) - OL

* The Church and Shrine of St. Manchan

   Lemanaghan, Garrycastle, King's County
   By the Rev. James Graves, A.B., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1875) - OL - Manchan of Lemanaghan in: Wikipedia

* Clogher Clergy and Parishes

   By Rev. James B. Leslie, M.A., M.R.I.A. (Private Print for Subscribers, Enniskillen, 1929) - OL

Derry Columbkille

   Souvenir of the Centenary Celebrations... in the Long Tower Church, Derry 1897-99
   By William Doherty, C.C. (1899) - OL

* Dr. Caulfield's Annals of the Parish Church of St. Maria de Shandon, now St. Ann's Shandon, Cork
   Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By J. C. (Cork, 1904) - OL

* Donnybrook Parish Magazine for the Year 1896 - Vol. VII

   monthly magazine; Church of Ireland; listing of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths
   Printed by Charles W. Gibbs (Dublin, 1896) - OL

Enniskillen Long Ago

   An Historical Sketch of the Parish of "Inishkeene, in Lacu Ernensi" now called Enniskillen in the Diocese of Clogher
   By W. H. Bradshaw, A.M. (Dublin, 1878) - IA

Historical Notes, Parish of Seapatrick, Co. Down
   RSAI Journal
   By Captain Richard Linn, Fellow (Dublin, 1910) - OL

A History of the County of Dublin - Part First
   Monkstown, Kill-of-the-Grange, Dalkey, Killiney, Tully, Stillorgan, and Kilmacud
   - Part Second
     Donnybrook, Bootersotwn, St. Bartholomew, St. Mark, Taney, St.Peter, and Rathfarnham
   - Part Third
    Tallaght, Cruagh, Whitechurch, Kilgobbin, Kiltiernan, Rathmichael, Old Connaught, Saggart, Rathcoole, and Newcastle
   - Part Fourth
     Clonsilla, Leixlip, Lucan, Aderrig, Kilmactalway, Kilbride, Kilmahuddrick, Esker, Palmerston, Ballyfermot, Clondalkin, Drimnagh, Crumlin, St. Catherine, St. Nicholas Without, St. James, St. Jude, and Chapelizod, as well as within the Phoenix Park
     The People, Parishes and Antiquities...
     By Francis Elrington Ball (Dublin, 1902 - 1906) OL

History of Kilsaran

   Union of Parishes in the County of Louth... Kilsaran, Gernonstown, Strabannon, Manfieldstown, and Dromiskin,; with many particulars relating to the Parishes of Richardstown, Dromin and Darver; with 5 maps and 42 illustrations
   By Rev. James B. Leslie, M.A. M.R.S.A.I. Rector of Kilsaran (1908) - OL

History of the Parishes of Ballysadare and Kilvarnet

   in the County of Sligo. Illustrated
   By T. O'Rorke, D.D., P.P., Archdeacon (1878) - IA

A Narrative of the Reformation at Birr, in the King's County, Ireland

   of which the Author was the honoured Instrument
   By Rev. Michael Crotty (1850) - IA

   Co. Galway
   By Rev. J. Neary (Galway? Undated) - IA

* The Parish Church of the Irish Parliament
   St. Andrew's, Dublin; includes map of Dublin as it would have been in 1685; extract from 'Illustrations from Irish History and Topography'
   By C. Litton Falkiner (London, 1904) - OL

The Parish of Taney - A History of Dundrum
   By Francis Elrington Ball and Everard Hamilton, B.A., Univ of Dub., (Dublin, 1895) - IA - Short review of this book in AAI

* Parochial History of Waterford and Lismore

   During the 18th and 19th Centuries. Index
   Published by N. Harvey and Co. (Waterford, 1912) - OL

Short Sketch of the History of the Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist, (R.C.), Killowen, Coleraine

   Compiled by D. MacLaughlin (1900) - OL

A Statistical Account or Parochial Survey of Ireland - Vol II - 

   drawn up from the communications of the clergy
   By William Shaw Mason, Esq., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1816, 1819) - IA

* The Story of St. Michael's - A Coming of Age Souvenir

   Church of Ireland, Belfast, ; built 1899
   By St. Michael's Parish Church (Belfast, 1920) - FHB

* A Topographical Index of the Parishes and Townlands of Ireland

   in Sir William Petty's MMS Barony Maps (c. 1655 - 1699) and Hiberniae Delineatio (c. 1672)
   By Y. M. Goblet (Dublin, 1932) - IMC

* Union of Kilmanaheen, Kilasbuglenane, Kilmacreehy, Kileilagh and Kilmoon

   Mason's Parochial Survey Vol I
   By Rev. James Kenny, L.L.D. (Ireland, 1814) - CCL

* Union of Kilrush, Killard, Kilfieragh, Moyferta, and Kilballyhone

   Masons Parochial Survey Vol II
   By Rev. John Graham, A.M. (Ireland, 1816) - CCL

* Union of Noughaval and Carrune

   Mason's Parochial Survey Vol III
   By Rev. Robert Gabbett (Ireland, 1819) - CCL

A Baptist Bibliography - Vol I - Vol I
   Being a register of the chief materials for Baptist Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies
   By W. T. Whitley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.Hist.C. (London, 1916, 1922) - OL

The Baptist Irish Society

   Its Origins, History and Prospects
   By Rev. Joseph Belcher, D.D. and Rev Andrew G. Fuller (London, 1845) - OL

Black Preceptory

* Rules and Regulations to be Observed by all Chapters and Preceptories
   meeting in British America under the Authority of the Grand Black Chapter of Ireland; Royal Black Knights of Ireland in British America
   By the Preceptory (Toronto, 1890) - OL

Church of Ireland

Sometimes referred to as the Anglican Church in Ireland, the 'Established Church in Ireland' - before disestablishment, the 'Irish Church'
Introduction to Church of Ireland Vestry Records - PRONI guide
An Address given in to the Late King James by the Titular Archbishop of Dublin
   ...wherein several Things relating to the Popish Designs upon these Three Kingdoms are discovered
   Printed for Ric. Baldwin (London, 1690) - IA

* BEAUFORT: Ordination Deeds

   Daniel Augustus Beaufort; William Louis Beaufort; William Augustus Beaufort, B.A.; Louis Waller William Beaufort, B.A.
   - TCD - Daniel Augustus Beaufort in: Wikipedia

The Cathedrals of the Church of Ireland

   By J. Godfrey F. Day, D.D., Bishop of Ossory and Henry E. Patton, D.D., Bishop of Killaloe (London, 1932) - IA - Godfrey Day in: WikipediaHenry Patton in: Wikipedia

The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick
   (Dublin) A History and Description; with a Short Account of the Deans
   By J. H. Bernard (London, 1903) - OL - John Bernard (bishop) in: Wikipedia

The Church of Ireland
   with Maps
   By Thomas Olden, M.A. (London, 1895) - OL

Convert Confirmations - A Discourse delivered to the Converts from Romanism in West Galway
   By the Hon. and Right Rev. Thomas (Plunket), Lord Bishop of Tuam, Killala, and Achonry (London, 1851) - OL - Thomas Plunket, 2nd Baron Plunket in: Wikipedia

The Church Settlement of Ireland

   or Hibernia Pacanda. A pamphlet urging that for '...the pacification of Ireland, religious equality is necessary... and should be effected, by a distribution of Church property between the Catholics and the Protestants...'
   By Aubrey de Vere (London, 1866) - OL

* Clergy List - 18661868

   incl. Alphabetical List of the Clergy in Ireland
   Pub. by George Cox (London, 1868) - HT

Crockford's Clerical Directory 1861 - 1868

   including the Established Church of Ireland
   Pub. by Crockford'sHorace Cox (London, 1868) - IA

The Dawn of Battle - A Sermon Preached before King William

   at St. George's Parish Church, High Street, Belfast on the 15th Day of June, 1690
   By Rev George Royse, D.D. (original London, 1691, reprint Belfast abt. 1912) - IA

A Descriptive and Historic Guide through St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick
   Including monumental inscriptions
   By Francis Meredyth, M.A., R.D. (Limerick, 1887) - OL

The Diary of William King, D.D., Dean of St. Patricks, afterwards Archbishop of Dublin
   kept during his imprisonment in Dublin Castle, 1689
   Edited by Hugh Jackson Lawlor, D.D. (Dublin, 1903) - OL - Hugh Jackson Lawlor in: Wikipedia

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
   or a Calendar of the Principal Ecclesiastical Dignitaries in England and Wales; some with Irish connections
   By John Le Neve; T. Duffus Hardy (Oxford, 1854) - OL - Recommended by a reader

* Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae - The Succession of the Prelates and Members of the Cathedral Bodies in Ireland

* Part V Dioceses of Dublin Glendalough, and Kildare
   By Henry Cotton, D.C.L. (Dublin, 1847) - FHB
Vol. I - Province of Munster - Vol. II - Province of Leinster - Vol. III - Province of Ulster - Vol IV - Province of Connaught (some Preliminary Remarks missing) - Vol. V - Illustrations, Corrections and Additions
  To which are added general indexes to the whole work
   By Henry Cotton, D.C.L. (Dublin, 1848 - 1860) - OL GB
   containing a continuation of appointments up to the disestablishment, 1870
   By Henry Cotton, D.C.L.; Charles Philip Cotton, B.A. (Dublin, 1878) - OL - Henry Cotton (divine) in: Wikipedia

Fingal and its Churches
   A Historical Sketch of the Foundation and Struggles of the Church of Ireland in that part of the County Dublin...
   By Robert Walsh, M.A. (Dublin, London, 1888) - AAI - Short review of this book in AAI - Robert Walsh (Irish writer) in: Wikipedia

   By James Stuart, revised, re-written by Rev. Ambrose Coleman, O.P., S.T.I., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1900) - IA

* The History, Architecture, and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny

   By the Rev. James Graves; John G. Augustus Prim (Dublin, 1857) - IA - St. Canice's Cathedral in: WikipediaJames Graves (antiquarian) in: WikipediaGraves and Prim in: Wikipedia

History of the Church of Ireland

   from the Reformation to the Revolution
   By the Right Revd. Richard Mant, D.D. (London, 1840) - OL - Richard Mant in: Wikipedia

The Irish Church Acts, 1869 and 1872

   and Various Statutes Connected Therewith
   By William Leigh Bernard, Esq. (Dublin, 1876) - OL

The Irish Church; Its Disestablishment and Disendowment

   The proposal for Church of Ireland disestablishment
   By Charles H. Todd, Esq., LL.D. (London, 1869) - OL

The Irish Church Directory and Year Book 1862
1865 - 1913
   Established Church
   Compiled by James Charles (Dublin, 1862 - 1913) CoI, HT

* The Irish Reformation, the Alleged Conversion of the Irish Bishops

   at the accession of Queen Elizabeth and the assumed descent of the present established hierarchy in Ireland from the ancient Irish church, disproved
   By W. Maziere Brady, D.D. (London, 1867) - OL - William Maziere Brady in: Wikipedia

The Law relating to Protestant Curates

   and the Residence of Incumbents on their Benefices in England and Ireland
   By C. D. Field, M.A., LL.D. (London, Dublin, 1870) - GB

* The Laws of the Church - the Churchman's Guard against Romanism and Puritanism

   By the Lord Bishop of Down and Connor and Dromore (Richard Mant) (Dublin, 1842) - OL - Richard Mant in: Wikipedia

Perils of Home Rule
   A Speech delivered at... the General Synod of the Church of Ireland
   By Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Derry (William Alexander) (Dublin, 1893) - OL - William Alexander (bishop) in: Wikipedia

The Political Ballance for 1754. The Mock-Patriot, for 1753 to which is added,

   The case of John Atherton, Bishop of Waterford in Ireland who was convicted of Beastiality with a COW and other CREATURES, for which he was hang'd at Dublin...
   By N. Bernard, Dean of Ardagh at the Command of the Primate of Ireland (James Usher) (Dublin, Reprinted London, 1754) - OL - John Atherton in: Wikipedia

The Reformed Church of Ireland 1537 - 1886
   By the Hon. J. T. Ball, LL.D., D.C.L. (London, Dublin, 1886) - OL

A Remonstrance of Divers Remarkeable Passages concerning the Church and Kingdome of Ireland
   to the Honourable House of Commons in England
   By Henry Jones D.D. (London, 1642) - OL

Report of the Committe of the Society for Irish Church Missions - 1851
   Church of Ireland mission to Irish Roman Catholics. List of Subscribers, etc. Annual Sermon by Rev. Alex. R. C. Dallas, M.A.
Occasional Paper - 1851 - Statement - 1852 - Occasional Paper - 1852
   By Society for Irish Church Missions to the Roman Catholics (Dublin? 1851, 1852) - OL

A Sermon Preach'd to the Protestants of Ireland Now Residing in London
   at their Anniversary Meeting on October XXIII 1708 - In Commemoration of their Deliverance from the Barbarous Massacre committed by the Irish Papists in the year 1641
   By Ralph Lambert, D.D., Bishop of Meath (London, 1708) - OL

The Seventh Report of the Reformed Romanist Priests' Protection Society 1852, 1853

   Founded 1844 when Rev. Solomon Frost renounced Popery in St. Audoen's Church, Dublin; list of subscribers
   (Dublin, 1854) - OL - Priests' Protection Society in: Wikipedia

Short Papers on the Irish Church Question

   The result of Irish Church Dis-Establishment
   By Earl Russell (John Russell) (London, 1868) - OL - John Russell, 1st Earl Russell in: Wikipedia

Strange and Remarkable Prophesies and Predictions of .... James Usher

   Late L. Arch-Bishop of Armagh
   Printed for R.G. (London, 1678) - OL

* A View of Evidence on the Subject of Tithes in Ireland
   given before the Committees of the Lords and Commons vindicating the Protestant Clergy... exposing the Schemes of the Agitators... necessity of a firm maintenance of the Church to prevent a dissolution of the Union
   By George Dwyer, M.A. (London, 1833) - GB

Congregational Church

Congregational Church in: Wikipedia
* Introduction to Papers of Congregational Union of Ireland
   By Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) (Belfast, 2007) - official website

Druid, Pagan, Fairy
   some mention of witchcraft, superstitions, druidic charms, etc.
   By Lady Wilde (Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde - nee Elgee) (London, 1890) - OL
   Jane Wilde in Wikipedia

* Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland
   mention of druids, witchcraft, fairies, holy wells, legends of saints, etc.
   By Lady Wilde (London, 1902) - IA

* Celtic Mythology and Religion

   By Alexander Macbain, M.A., F.S.A. Scot (Inverness, 1885) - OL

* Celtic Religion in Pre-Christian Times

   By Edward Anwyl (transcribed from the London ed., 1906) - Amazon Kindle books (free as at Feb 2013)

* Druidism Revived: or A Dissertation on the Characters and Modes of Writing used by the Irish
   in their Pagan State, and After their Conversion to Christianity; extract from Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis
   By Charles Vallancey (Dublin, 1786) - IA

An Essay on the Druids, The Ancient Churches and The Round Towers of Ireland

   By the Rev. Richard Smiddy (Dublin, 1871) - OL

* Fairy and Folk Tales on the Irish Peasantry

   By William Butler Yeats (London, Felling-on-Tyne ed. undated) - Amazon Kindle Books (free as at Feb 2013)

* A Hand-Book of Irish Antiquities, Pagan and Christian

   Especially of such as of easy access from the Irish Metropolis; illustrated
   By William F. Wakeman (Dublin, 1891) - OL

* Ireland's Fairy Lore

   By Rev. Michael P. Mahon (Boston, 1919) - OL

Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions

   By James Bonwick, F.R.G.S. (London, 1894) - OL - Transcription also available - LI

* Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race

   By T. W. Rolleston (London, 1911) - Amazon Kindle Books (free as at Feb 2013)

* Pagan Ireland

   An Archaeological Sketch; A Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Antiquities
   By W. G. Wood-Martin, M.R.I.A. (London, 1895) - OL

* Pagan Ireland

   in the series 'Epochs of Irish History'
   By Eleanor Hull (Dublin, 1908) - OL

* Pre-Christian Ireland

   By Canon U. J. Bourke, P.P., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1887) - OL

Prehistoric Ireland

   A Manual of Irish Pre-Christian Archaeology; incl. Ancient Irish Religion
   By Rev. P. Power, M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1924) - OL

* Traces of the Elder Faiths of Ireland - Vol I - 
Vol II

   A Folklore Sketch; A Handbook of Irish Pre-Christian Traditions
   By W. G. Wood-Martin, M.R.I.A. (London, 1902) - OL


* Collected Essays and Papers relating to Freemasonry
   By Robert Freke Gould (Belfast, 1913) IA

* The Constitutions of Freemasonry; or Ahiman Rezon
   to which are added, Lectures, Charges and a Masonic Ritual
   By the Grand Lodge of Ireland (Dublin, 1858) - OL

* A History of Nelson Lodge No. XVIII Newry (Co. Down)

   By Francis C. Crossle P.D.G.M., Down, W.M. of the Lodge (Newry, 1909) - FHB

History of Minden Lodge No 63 held in the XXth Regiment of Foot

   on the Registry of the [Masonic] Grand Lodge of Ireland
   By John Clarke (Kingston, 1849) - OL

* The Lady Freemason

   The Hon. Elizabeth St. Leger (Hon. Mrs. Richard Aldworth) claims a place in the annals of noted Irishwomen; extract from 'Illustrious Irishwomen'
   By E. Owens Blackburne (London, 1877) - OL

* The Planned Destruction of Christianity in Ireland

   The Use of Black Magic by Ireland's Ruling Elite
   By Jeremy James, M.A. (no details, 2008) - IA


See The Huguenots (1713 - 1830 communal burial plot) in: Mount Jerome Cemetery
* BAULDOUIN: Colonel Francis Bauldouin
   settled in Dublin and became an 'Eminent Trader in the Way of Merchandising', 'since reduced to great Poverty'; certificate signed by Merchants and Inhabitants of Dublin
   Extract from Huguenot Society's Proceedings Vol V (Lymington, 1898) - IA

The French Settlers in Ireland:
   No. I - No. 2 - No. 3 The Huguenot Colony at Lisburn, County of Antrim
     Surnames: Dubourdieu; De Lavalade; Roché; Geneste; De Blaquiere; Perrin; Guillot; Saurin
     By Charles Nicholas de la Cherois Purdon, M.D.
   - No. 4 - Settlement at Youghal, Co. Cork
     By Rev. Samuel Hayman
   - No. 5 - The Huguenot Colony at Portarlington, Queen's Co.
   - No. 6 - Portarlington (Continued)
     By Sir Erasmus D. Borrowes, Bart.
   No. 7 - Waterford
     By Rev. Thomas Gimlette
   - No. 8 Portarlington (Continued)
     By Sir Erasmus D. Borrowes, Bart.
   - No. 9 - Belfast
     By C. D. Purdon
   - Editor's Note
     (Belfast, 1853 - 1861) - JSTOR extracts from The Ulster Journal of Archaeology - IA

* The Huguenots

   In 'Irish Pedigrees' Vol II
   By John O'Hart (New York, 1915) - IA

The Huguenots
   their Settlements, Churches, and Industries in England and Ireland
   By Samuel Smiles (New York, 1874) - OL

The Irish Pensioners of William III's Huguenot Regiments, 1702
   transcription on 'A Little Bit of Ireland'
   extract from Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London Vol 6, No 3 (London, 1899) - website

* The Relief of Protestant Refugees

   King's Warrant Books relating to Ireland
   Extract from Huguenot Society's Proceedings Vol V (Lymington, 1898) - IA

* Projet de Colonisation en Irlande, par les Refugies francais 1692 - 1699

  Colonies in Dublin, Cork, Portarlington, Waterford, Lisburn (Lisnagarvey), Kilkenny, Carlow, Belfast, Bandon, Lambeg, Wicklow, Youghal, Tallow, Killeshandra, Castleblaney, Dundalk, Innishannon
    (in French; extract from Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London, Vol VI, 1902) 
   By La Baronne Alexandre de Chambreir (Bevaix, Suisse, 1900) - IA

Protestant Exiles from France

   in the reign of Louis XIV.; or The Huguenot Refugees and their Descendants in Great Britain and Ireland
   By Rev. David C. A. Agnew (London, 1866) - HT
   - Second Ed. Vol II - Second Ed. Index Vol
   By Rev. David C. A. Agnew (London, 1874) - OL

Search Burial Records of Belfast City Cemetery including Jewish section - Belfast City Council
See History of the Jews in Ireland and History of the Jews in Northern Ireland in: Wikipedia
See The Irish Jewish Genealogical Society website
* AARON: Walter Aaron
   was brought out of Ireland about 1680 and sold (aged seventeen years) for six years
   Essex County Court Files Vol 47, leaf 37
   Quoted in The Essex Antiquarian - Vol I (Salem, Massachusetts, 1897) - OL

* Carnmoney Cemetery, Co. Antrim
   Inscriptions of Jewish Graves - website

* Jews in the Census of Irish Free State 1926

   Listed in 'Statistics of Jews - 1929' from American Jewish Yearbook 
   By H. S. Linfield, Ph.D. (U.S.A., 1929) - website - A note on the 'Jews of Northern Ireland' missing from this extract

* The Jews, Fr. Creagh and the Mayor's Court of Conscience

   extract from 'The Old Limerick Journal'
   By Des Ryan (Limerick, 2002) - LCC

The Jewish Burial Plot at Belfast City Cemetery
   History from Headstones
   By Ulster Historical Foundation (Belfast, 2009) - Website

* Jewish Names found in Ireland

   names listed in 'Varieties and Synonymes of Surnames and Christian Names in Ireland'
   By Robert E. Matheson (Dublin, 1901) - OL

Rev. S. Nicholson

The Methodist Church in Ireland - History
An Alphabetical Arrangement of all the Wesleyan Methodist Ministers and Preachers on Trial
   in connexion with the British and Irish Conferences
   By David J. Waller, D.D. (London, 1896) - OL

History of Methodism in Ireland Vol I

   Wesley and His Times
   Vol II
   The Middle Age
   By C. H. Crookshank, M.A. (Belfast, 1885, London, 1886) - OL, IA

Ireland and the Centenary of American Methodism

   Chapters on the Palatines; Philip Embury and Mrs. Heck and other Irish emigrants
   By the Rev. William Crook (London, Dublin, 1866) - OL

* Irish Methodist  Reminiscences

   being mainly memorials of the Live and Labours of Rev. S. Nicholson
   By Edward Thomas (London, 1889) - OL

Memorable Women of Irish Methodism in the Last Century

   List reproduced below
   By C. H. Crookshank, M.A. (1882) - IA

Surnames (for search purposes): Penington, Bennis, Cumberland,Heck, Johnson, Davidson, M'Connell, Rutledge, Brown, Smyth, Gayer, Smyth, Blatchford, Ward, Frizzell, Newland, Slacke, Cambridge

The Methodist Who's Who - 1912
   By Charles H. Kelly (London, 1912) - IA

* WALSH: The Life and Labors of Rev. Thomas Walsh

   The Irish Methodist Preacher - a Converted Roman Catholic
   By A. M. (Ottawa, Canada, 1906) - OL


Report of the Proceedings at a Visitation holden in Trinity College, Dublin
   as a member of the Moravian Church, was Mr. Frederick Purser disqualified to be a Fellow?
   By Stephen N. Elrington, Esq. (Dublin, 1872) - OL

Orange Order

* Constitution and Laws of the Loyal Orange Association
   of British America
   By the Grand Lodge (Belleville, 1878) - OL

* The Dominion Orange Harmonist: Orange Songs and Poems,

   the dates of the most remarkable events connected with the British Empire, the Protestant Religion, and the Loyal Orange Institution; also A Brief History of the Popes of Rome, etc.
   By William Shannon, P.D.G.M., G.O.L. of O.E. (Toronto, 1876) - OL

* Forms to be Observed in Private Lodges

Forms to be Observed in Private Lodges - Royal Blue
Forms to be Observed in Private Lodges
   of the Loyal Orange Institution of British North America
   By the Grand Lodge (Toronto, 1855, 1861)

* Forms of the Purple Order

   to be observed in Private Lodges of The Orange Association of British North America
   By the Association (Toronto, 1855) - OL

* Forms and Ritual of the Orange Order

Forms and Ritual of the Orange Order
   to be observed in Private Lodges of The Orange Association of British North America
   By the Association (Cobourg, 1846, 1863) - OL

* The History of the Orange Order

   By William Banks (Toronto, 1898) - OL

* Lectures on Orangeism and other Subjects

   By Rev. Charles E. Perry, Grand Organiser (Toronto, 1802) - OL

Orange Incorporation Bill (Canada)

   The Orange Association Unmasked!
   Mr. Blake's Great Speech in the House of Commons; A Crushing Blow to Oath-Bound Secret Societies
   By Unknown author (Montreal, 1884) - OL
   A Reply to the Speech of the Hon. Edward Blake against The Orange Incorporation Bill
   Protestantism first: Politics after
   By J. Antisell Allen (Kingston, 1884) - OL
   Speech of the Hon. C. F. Fraser on Orangeism
   Introduction by Alexander Robertson (Toronto, 1878) - OL

* The Orange Institution: A Slight Sketch

   With an Appendix containing the Rules and Regulations of the Orange Societies of Great Britain and Ireland
   Printed for J. J. Stockdale (London1813) - OL

* Orangeism: Its History and Progress

   A Plea for First Principles
   By the Independent Orange Order of Ireland (Dublin, 1904) - OL   

* Orangeism; Its Origin and History

   By Ogle Robert Gowan, Esquire (Toronto, 1859) - OL

* The Orange Society

   Catholic Truth Society pamphlet
   By the Right Rev. H. W. Cleary, Bishop of Auckland, N.Z. (London, 1913) - OL

   proved to be Unconstitutional, Illegal and Seditious in a Letter to the Marquess Wellesley
   By A Protestant (Dublin, 1823) - OL

* Protestant Landmarks. The History of the House of Orange: William and Mary

   with a Sketch of the Orange Institution to the Present Day
   By Unknown author (Toronto, 1876) - OL

* Ritual of the Loyal Orange Institution of British America - Arch Purple - 
Blue Order

   By the Institution (Brantford, 1867, 1864) - OL

* Rules and Regulations of the Orange Institution of British North America

   Adopted by the Grand Lodge (Toronto, 1838) - OL


* The Ancestor chart project (Palatines to America) - Vol I
   Surnames sent by members of 'Palatines to America' before 1978; born in Ireland:
   Surnames: Anderson, Blake, Botkin, Burns, Byron, Camblin, Canning, Clawson, Cole, Conboy, Culbertson, Curtin, Curry, Daugherty, Devinny, Deveny, O'Devin, Divin, Devott, Dinoen, Dobie, Doherty, Doll, Dolmage, Dulmage, Dometsche, Dunphy, Dyer, Ewing, Fleming, Flinn, Flynn, Gibson, Gorman, Hamilton, Henderson, Hill, Hunter, Kelly, Knowles, Mahoney, March, McConnell, McCoppin, McCroskey, McGuire, McMahon, McMullen, Meehan, Miskiman, Moore, Murray, Noffsinger, O'Neill, Phillips, Pollock, Redden, Rudden, Richardson, Robinson, Ryan, Sheridan, Shier, Skelly, Sparling, Sterrett, Walker, Wallace, Walles, Wilkinson
The Ancestor chart project (Palatines to America) - Vol II
   Names submitted by 'Pal-Am' members since 1978; born in Ireland:
   Surnames: Abshire, Anderson, Armstrong, Bagnall, Ball, Barkley, Beatty, Beezley, Bennett, Berry, Barry, Black, Blackall, Boggs, Brown, Burke, Byrne, Cairns, Cantwell, Carswell, Causgrift, Casgriff, Chambers, Coleman, Costello, Crimmins, Curry, De Armond, Dogherty, Duhan, Duggan, Dunn, Fakin, Egan, Agan, Elliott, Ervin, Foresman, Gamble, Gibson, Giffen, Glenny, Glasgow, Goldrick, Graham, Hanna, Hannah, Hazlitt, Henry, Horan, Jackson, Jennings, Jordan, Kelly, King, Kinnear, Lantry, Langtry, Lawler, Lindsey, Lynch, Lynd, McBurney, McCall, McCausland, McConnell, McCormick, McCracken, McCready, McDaniel, McDonald, McKenna, McKitrick, McKnight, McLarty, McNulty, Maloney, Mitcheltree, Moore, Mulligan, Nesbit, O'Donnell, Palmer, Paul, Price, Plewman, Plowmen, Quinn, Rainey, Reed, Reid, Richey, Robinson, Rothwell, Shaw, Shirkey, Sherwood, Simpson, Smith, Stanton, Stewart, Sullivan, Sweeney, Taggart, Taylor, Tighe, Trainer, Trimble, Walker, Wallace, Walsh, Welsh, White
   By Helen Lyons Wikoff; Harold F. Vetsch (Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, 1982) - FHB

* Daniel Defoe and the Palatines

   extract from 'The Old Limerick Journal' Vol 27
   By Peter Hutchinson (Limerick, 1990) - LCC

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
   economic migrants from Germany who settled in England, Ireland and the United States
   By Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D. (Philadelphia, 1937) - OL

Ireland and the Centenary of American Methodism

   Chapters on the Palatines; Philip Embury and Mrs. Heck and other Irish emigrants
   By the Rev. William Crook (London, Dublin, 1866) - OL

The Palatines
   In 'Irish Pedigrees' Vol II
   By John O'Hart (New York, 1915) - IA

Wm. Gibson
Professor of Moral Philosophy, Belfast College
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1859

* Account of Thomas de Chaddisworth
   Custodee of the Temporalities of the Archbishop of Dublin - 1221 - 1256 from the Great Roll of the Pipe
   Paper read by Sir William Betham (Papers of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, 19th century) - IA

The Ancient Irish Church
   By John Healy, LL.D., Rector of Kells (London, 1892) - OL

The Augustinian Friaries in Pre-Reformation Ireland
   By Francis Xavier Martin, O.S.A. (Dublin? late 20th Century) - IA

The Book of Fenagh originally compiled by St Caillin

   in Irish and English
   Revised, indexed and annotated by W. M. Hennessy, M.R.I.A., done into English by D. H. Kelly, M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1875) - OL

The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick
   (Dublin) A History and Description; with a Short Account of the Deans
   By J. H. Bernard (London, 1903) - OL

* The Church of St. Patrick: An Historical Inquiry

   into the Independence of the Ancient Church of Ireland
   By Rev. William G. Todd, A.B. (London, 1844) - GB

A Descriptive and Historic Guide through St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick

   Including monumental inscriptions
   By Francis Meredyth, M.A., R.D. (Limerick, 1887) - OL

* Early Christian Ireland

   By Eleanor Hull (London, 1905) - OL

* Early Christian Missions of Ireland, Scotland and England

   By Mrs. Rundle Charles (London, 1893) - OL

An Ecclesiastical History of Ireland - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV
   From the first introduction of Christianity... to the beginning of the thirteenth century
   By the Rev. John Lanigan, D.D. (Dublin, 1822, 1829) - OL - John Lanigan in: Wikipedia

* Ecclesiastical Records of England, Ireland and Scotland

   from the Fifth Century till the Reformation
   By The Rev. Richard Hart, B.A. (Cambridge, 1846) - GB

Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae Vol. I - Province of Munster - 
Vol. II - Province of Leinster - Vol. III - Province of Ulster - Vol. V - Illustrations, Corrections and Additions
   The Succession of the Prelates and Members of the Cathedral Bodies in Ireland. To which are added general indexes to the whole work
   By Henry Cotton, D.C.L. (Dublin, 1848 - 1860) - OL
   The Succession of the Prelates and Members of the Cathedral Bodies in Ireland
   By Henry Cotton, D.C.L. (Dublin, 1878) - OL - Vol IV not found

A Hand-Book of Irish Antiquities, Pagan and Christian

   Especially of such as of easy access from the Irish Metropolis; illustrated
   By William F. Wakeman (Dublin, 1891) - OL

Insula Sanctorum et Doctorum - Ireland's Ancient Schools and Scholars

   in English. A popular account of the Scholars of Ancient Ireland
   By John Healy, D.D. (Dublin, New York, 1890) - OL

Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Church

   from the Anglo-Norman Conquest to the Dawn of the Reformation
   By G. T. Stokes, D.D. (London, 1889) - OL

* Ireland and the Celtic Church

   A History of Ireland from St. Patrick to the English Conquest in 1172
   By George T. Stokes, D.D., M.R.I.A. (London, 1892) - OL

* Ireland and the Holy See in the Middle Ages

   By Willis Nevins (London, 1879) - OL

* St. Patrick's Purgatory

   A Mediaeval Pilgrimage in Ireland
   By St. John D. Seymour, B.D. (Dundalk, 1918) - OL

* The Constitution and Government of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
   with a Directory for the Administration of Ordinances
   By Authority of the General Assembly (Belfast, 1887) - OL

* The Covenanter, The Cavalier and the Puritan

   reference to Scotch-Irish; incl chapter on The Covenanters in Scotland and Ireland
   By Oliver Perry Temple (Cincinnati, 1897) - OL

* The Covenanter's Narrative and Plea; exhibiting the Error, Schism, Radicalism and Slander of Dr. Paul

   and other Separatists from the Reformed Presbyterian Church
   By the Rev. Thomas Houston, Knockbracken (Belfast, 1841) - IA

* EDGAR: Memoir of John Edgar, D.D., LL.D.

   Professor of Systematic Theology for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
   By W. D. Killen, D.D. (Belfast, 1869) - Ol

* Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae - Vol I - Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale - Vol II - Synods of Merse and Teviotdale Dumfries, and Galloway - Vol III - Synods of Glasgow and Ayr - Vol IV - Synods of Argyll, and of Perth and Stirling - Vol V - Synods of Fife, and of Angus and Mearns - Vol VI - Synods of Aberdeen and of Moray - Vol VII - Synods of Ross, Sutherland and Caithness Glenelg, Orkney and of Shetland, the Church in England, Ireland and Overseas

   The Succession of Minister in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation; some with Irish connections
   By Hew Scott, D.D. (Edinburgh, 1915 - 1928) - IA, OL - The section on Ireland from Vol VII

First Newry (Sandys Street) Presbyterian Congregation
   Its History and Relationships
   By Rev. W. Gordon Straban, B.A. (Newry, 1904) - OL

Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland

   Writers of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1623-1731
   - 2nd Series
   By Thomas Witherow (London, Belfast, 1879, 1880) - OL

Historic Memorials of the First Presbyterian Church of Belfast

   including lists of members, baptismal and funeral registers, etc.
   By Alexander Gordon (Belfast, 1887) - IA

History of the Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

   and Biographical Notices of Eminent Presbyterian Ministers and Laymen
   By Rev. W. D. Killen, D.D. (Belfast, Edinburgh, 1886) - OL

History of the Irish Presbyterian Church

   By the Rev. Thomas Hamilton, D.D. (Edinburgh, 1887) - OL

* A History of the Irish Presbyterians

   By W. T. Latimer, B.A. (Belfast, Edinburgh, 1893) - OL

* The History of the Litigation and Legislation

   respecting Presbyterian Chapels and Charities in England and Ireland between 1816 and 1849
   By T. S. James (London, 1867) - OL

* History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Vol I - 
Vol II

   By James Seaton Reid, D.D., M.R.I.A. (London, 1853) - OL

* History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

   condensed from the standard work by Reid and Killen
   By Rev Samuel D. Alexander (New York, 1860) - OL

A History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

   For Readers on this side of the Atlantic
   By Rev. William Cleland, Toronto (Toronto, 1890) - OL

A History of Presbyterianism in Dublin

   and the South and West of Ireland
   By Clarke H. Irwin, M.A. (London, 1890) - OL

* History of the Second Congregation of Protestand Dissenters in Belfast

   1708 - 1896
   By S. Shannon Millin, B.A. (Belfast, 1900) - OL

* Memorial of the Jubilee Celebrations - United Free Church of Scotland

   Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, and Historical Narrative 1863 - 1913
   By Andrew Robinson, M.V.O. (Dublin, 1915) - IA

* The Presbyterian Churches - Divisions and Unions

   in Scotland, Ireland, Canada and America
   By John Vant Stephens, D.D. (Philadelphia, 1910) - OL

* The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrancer of the Church for 1860 - Vol II

   including Alphabetical List of Ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
   By Joseph M. Wilson (Philadelphia, 1860) - GB

* Records of the General Synod of Ulster from 1691 to 1820 - Vol I - 
Vol II - Vol III

   By Authority of the General Assembly (Belfast, 1890) - OL

* Scotch and Irish Seeds in American Soil:

   The early History of the Scotch and Irish Church and their Relations to the Presbyterian Church of America
   By the Rev. J. G. Craighead, D.D. (Philadelphia, 1900) - OL

Sketches of The Irish Highlands: Descriptive, Social, and Religious

   with special reference to the Irish (Presbyterian) Missions in West Connaught since 1840
   By Rev. Henry M'Manus (London, 1863) - OL

* Soldiers of the Church

   what the Reformed Prebyterians did to win the World War of 1914 - 1918
   By John W. Pritchard (New York, 1919) - OL

* A True Narrative of the Rise and Progress of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

   1603 - 1670
   By the Rev. Patrick Adair, Minister of Belfast (Belfast, 1866) - OL


   Three Rare Puritan Tracts - Against the Toleration of Popery... Declarations of Parliament
   By Various authors (London, 1641 - 1643, Reprinted Dublin, 1879) - OL

Historical Sketch of the Persecutions suffered by the Catholics of Ireland

   under the rule of Cromwell and the Puritans
   By the Most Rev. Patrick Francis Moran, D.D., Archbishop of Sydney (Dublin, 1884) - OL

The Puritans in Ireland 1647 - 1661

   By the Rev. St. John D. Seymour, B.D. (Oxford, 1921) - OL

(Society of Friends)
Quakers in Ireland Historical Library - website
For the Annual Monitor (Quaker) - see Journals - Church
* ALEXANDER: A Memoir of Edward Alexander
   with a Testimony from the Monthly Meeting of Limerick and extracts from his diary; b. Limerick, 1788 to Samuel and Deborah Alexander
   By Edward Alexander and others (London, 1849) - OL

* ASHBRIDGE: Some Account of the Early Part of the Life of Elizabeth Ashbridge

   who died at the house of Robert Lecky in the County of Carlow, 1755
   Written by Herself (Philadelphia, 1897) - OL

* ATKINSON: The Atkinsons of New Jersey

  Quakers and brothers, James (one account says came from Drogheda) and Thomas Atkinson, arrived in Philadelphia from Belfast, 1681
   By Jno. B. Atkinson (Earlington, Kentucky, 1890) - OL

Biographical Notices of Members of the Society of Friends

   Who were resident in Ireland
   By Mary Leadbeater (1823) - IA

* Divine Protection through Extraordinary Dangers during the Irish Rebellion in 1798
   The dangers and trials of her parents Jacob and Elizabeth Goff of the estate and spacious mansion of Horetown near Wexford and New Ross
   By Dinah Wilson Goff (Philadlephia, 1890) - OL

* Early Quakers in Cork

   Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By Col. Thos. A. Lunham, C.B., M.A., M.R.I.A. (Cork, 1904) - OL

* A Guide to Irish Quaker Records 1654 - 1860

   With Contribution on Northern Ireland Records by G. G. Hutton
   By Olive C. Goodbody (Dublin, 1967) - IMC

* A History of the Rise and Progress of the People called Quakers, In Ireland

   from the year 1653 to 1700
   By Thomas Wight, of Cork (London, 1800) - IA

* HINSHAW: Thomas Hinshaw "The Little Irish Weaver" and Others

   Thomas Hinshaw arrived at Cane Creek, North Carolina, 1793; son of John and Elizabeth Hinshaw of Charlemont, Co. Tyrone
   By John E. Hinshaw (Emporia, Kansas, 1911) - OL

* HOBSON: A Quaker Warrior - The Life of William Hobson

   b. Lugan, Co. Armagh
   By Wm. King Baker (London, 1913) - OL - Not the William Hobson, b. Waterford, 1792, who was the first Governor of New Zealand

Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania

  1682-1750. With their early history in Ireland
   By Albert Cook Myers (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 1902) - OL

* MARK, LANCASTER: Old Vellum Roll - Marriage Certificate of Jacob Mark

   compiled for Jacob Mark, Dublin, 1746; son of Thomas Mark, and Rebekah Lancaster both of Dublin, late of England, Quakers; names of 80 witnesses; Extract from Genealogy of the Family of Mark or Marke
   By John Mark (Manchester, 1898) - OL

* MILHOUSE: An American Presidential Visit to County Kildare

   Irish Quaker maternal ancestry of President Richard Milhous Nixon; visit to Hodgestown burial ground, Timahoe, Co. Kildare
   reprint from Kildare Nationalist (newspaper, Kildare, 2009) Sean Cullen's Personal Web site - Nixon's paternal ancestors were Methodists who emigrated to America from the north of Ireland.

* NEALE, PIESLEY: Some Account of the Lives and Religious Labours of Samuel Neale and Mary Neale, formerly Mary Peisley

   Both of Ireland (Quakers)
   Edited by A. R. Barclay - section on Samuel Written by Himself (1845) - OL

* The Principles of Peace

   exemplified in the conduct of the Society of Friends in Ireland during the Rebellion of the year 1798
   By Thomas Hancock, M.D. (Philadelphia, 1829) - OL

* Quakers in Ireland

   Letter from Edmund T. Bewley to 'Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica' - Vol II 4th Series
   By W. Bruce Bannerman, F.S.A. (London, 1908) - OL

* The Quaker Poets of Great Britain and Ireland

   By Evelyn Noble Armitage (London, 1896) - OL

Quaker Records being An Index to The Annual Monitor

   1813 - 1892 containing Over Twenty Thousand Obituary Notices
   By Joseph J. Green (1894) - IA - See Journals - Church for issues of the Annual Monitor 1843 - 1911

   [Quakers] 1655 - 1890
   By J. M. R. (1894) - IA

* The Society of Friends in Ireland and Home Rule

   A Letter to a Fellow Member of the Society
   By Frederic W. Pim (Dublin, 1893) - OL

* Records of the Lurgan Quakers of Northern Ireland:

   - Minute Book One 1675 - 1710
   - Minute Book Two 1710 - 1729
     Men's Preparative and Particular Meeting Minutes
     By J. L. Fisher (Wimberley, Texas, 2008) - FHB

* A Vindication of the Irish Earl of Bath
   on Occasion of the groundless Imputations, malevolent Insinuations, and unmannerly Expostulations of a pretended Quaker
   By Unknown Author (Dublin, 1755) - OL

Memorial at Clogherhead
(Photograph by 'PJC')

Roman Catholic
For Catholic Emancipation see: History of Ireland
An Account of the Romish Clergy
   According to a return made in 1698; 2 pages only from an unknown book
   Communicated by Capt. South (London, 1700) - IA

* The Battle of The Faith in Ireland

   By Canon O'Rourke, P.P., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1887) - OL

A Brief View of the State of the Catholic Church in Upper Canada

   shewing the evil results of an undue predominance of the French foreign element in the administration of ecclesiastical affairs...
   By an Association of Irish Gentlemen (Toronto, 1858) - OL

Calendar of the Entries in the Papal Registers - Vol I - A.D. 1198-1304

Calendar of the Entries in the Papal Registers - Vol I - A.D. 1305-1342
Calendar of the Entries in the Papal Registers - Vol III - A.D. 1343 - 1360
   relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Papal Letters
   Edited by W. H. Bliss, B.C.I. (1893) - OL - Title and some Preface pages missing in Vol III

The Catholic Directory and Annual Register

   For Great Britain and Ireland
   By James Smith (London, 1838) - GB

Catholic Directory, Almanac and Registry of Ireland, England and Scotland
   By Very Rev. Canon Keogh, P.P. (Dublin, 1865) - GB..
   with the Years in Which They Succeeded to the Metropolitan Sees of Armagh, Dublin, Cashell and Tuam
   By John Murphy (no details) - PG

The Church Settlement of Ireland
   or Hibernia Pacanda. A pamphlet urging that for '...the pacification of Ireland, religious equality is necessary... and should be effected, by a distribution of Church property between the Catholics and the Protestants...'
   By Aubrey de Vere (London, 1866) - OL

De Annatis Hiberniae - Vol I: Ulster
   A Calendar of the First Fruits' Fees levied on Papal Appointments to benefices in Ireland A.D. 1400 to 1535
   By the late Rev. M. A. Costello, O.P. S.T.M. (Dundalk, 1909) - Ol

* A Description of St. Patrick's Purgatory in Lough Derg
   and an Account of the Pilgrims Business there
   By Rev. Mr. Hewson, Rector of the Parish of St. Andrew's, Dublin (Dublin, 1727) - UR2

Dingle and Ventry Mission

   An exchange of letters against Popery in Co. Kerry - 'that pestilence which walketh in darkness'
   By Mr. Gayer; S. H. LewisThomas Moriarty (London? 1855) - OL

The Embassy in Ireland of Monsignor G. B. Rinuccini

   in the years 1645 - 1649; from the original MSS. in the Rinuccini Library by G. Aiazza, Librarian
   Translated by Annie Hutton (Dublin, 1873) - OL

   A.D. 1400 to 1875 with Appointments to Monasteries...
   By W. Maziere Brady (Rome, 1876) - OL

* From Fetters to Treedom

   Trials and Triumphs of Irish Faith
   By Rev. Robert Kane, S.J. (New York, 1915) - IA

* A Fragment on the Irish Roman Catholic Church
   By the late Rev. Sydney Smith (Boston, 1845) - IA

The Geraldines, Earls of Desmond and the Persecution of the Irish Catholics
   Original by Brother Dominicus de Rosario O'Daly, O.P.T.S.P., Censor of the Supreme Court of the Inquisition... Lisbon, A.D. 1655
   Translated from the original Latin by the Rev. C. P. Meehan (Dublin, 1847) - IA

The Great Folly, Superstition and Idolatry of Pilgrimages in Ireland

   Especially of that to St. Patrick's Purgatory... List of Subscribers
   By John Richardson (Dublin, 1727) - OL

Historiae Catholicae Iberniae Compendium - 1621

   In Latin with English Preface
   By D. Philippo O'Sullevano Beaero, Iberno, edited by Matthaeus Kelly (Dublinii, 1850) - OL

Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh

   By James Stuart, revised, re-written by Rev. Ambrose Coleman, O.P., S.T.I., M.R.I.A. (Dublin, 1900) - IA

Historical Sketch of the Late Catholic Association of Ireland - Vol I - Vol II

   By Thomas Wyse, Esq. Jun. (London, 1829) - OL

Historical Sketch of the Persecutions suffered by the Catholics of Ireland

   under the rule of Cromwell and the Puritans
   By the Most Rev. Patrick Francis Moran, D.D., Archbishop of Sydney (Dublin, 1884) - OL

The Historical Works of the Right Rev. Nicholas French, D.D., Bishop of Ferns, etc. - Vol I - 
Vol II

   with... Notices, Historical and Descriptive, of the Irish Colleges of Louvain
   Edited by S. H. Binden (Dublin, 1846) - OL

History of the Irish Hierarchy

   with Monasteries of each County, Biographical notices...
   By the Rev. Thomas Walsh (New York, 1856) - OL

A History of Popery examination of the Present State of the Romish Church in Ireland; A Brief History of the Inquisition; and Specimens of Monkish Legends
   By Unknown Author (London, 1838) - OL

Ireland - A Letter to Earl Grey

   By Archbishop Manning (London, 1868) - OL

Ireland and the Holy See - A Retrospect 1866 v. 1883

   Illegal and Seditious Movements in Ireland contrasted with the Principles of the Catholic Church as shown in the writings of Cardinal Cullen
   Printed at the Propaganda Press (Rome, 1883) - OL - Cardinal Paul Cullen in: Irish Graves Wikipedia

Ireland and The Pope
   A Brief History of Papal Intrigues Against Irish Liberty from Adrian IV to Leo XIII
   By James G. Maguire, Judge of the Superior Court of San Francisco (San Francisco, 1888) - OL

Ireland; Popery and Priestcraft - the Cause of her Misery and Crime

   By J. C. Colquhoun, Esq. (Glasgow, 1835) - OL

The Irish Catholic Directory and Almanac for 1920

   Includes chapter on the 1911 Census of Ireland
   Permissu Superiorum (Dublin, 1920) - OL - This title was eBook of the Month for January, 2012 - for short review see: eBook of the Month Archive

The Irish Priests in The Penal Times

   By Rev. William P. Burke (Waterford, 1914) - OL

   together with the Barbarous Cruelties and Bloody Massacres with ensued thereupon
   By Sir John Temple, Knt. (London, 1812) - BSL

Irish Scholars of The Penal Days

   ...on the Continent of Europe
   By Rev. William P. Treacy (New York, Cincinnati, 1887) - OL

Is Home Rule Rome Rule?

   By Joseph Hocking (London, 1912) - OL

* A Letter to the Right Honourable The Earl of Liverpool

   on the Claims of the Roman Catholics
   By A Traaitor (London, 1813) - OL

* Life Inside the Church of Rome

   incl. Celebacy, Infallibility, Historical Frauds, Convent Life, the Confessional and Lives of the Popes, etc.
   By M. Francis Clare Cusack 'The Nun of Kenmare' (Toronto, 1890) - OL

Lough Derg and Its Pilgrimages

   By the Rev. Daniel O'Connor, C.C. (Dublin, 1879) - OL

* Priests and People in Ireland - 
(Home Rule Edition) with Latest Statistics

   from the 1911 Census of Ireland
   By Michael J. F. McCarthy, B.A., T.C.D. (Dublin, London, 1902, 1914) - OL

Report of the Action for Libel brought by the Rev. Robert O'Keeffe, P.P. against His Eminence Cardinal Cullen

   Court of Queen's Bench (Ireland) (London, 1874) - OL

A Review of the Important Controversy between Dr. Carroll and the Reverend Messrs. Wharton and Hawkins

   ... including a defence of the conduct of Pope Clement XIV (Ganganelli) in suppressing a late religious Order; to which is added a Letter on the Repeal of Part of the Penal Laws
   By the Rev. Arthur O'Leary, Cork (London, 1786) - OL

* A Roll of Honour - Irish Prelates and Priests

   of the last Century
   By Catholic Truth Society (Dublin, 1905) - IA

Roman Catholic Claims as involved in the Recent Aggression, Impartially Considered
   By Amicus Veritatis (London, 1851) - OL

Sadlier's Catholic Directory for 1870 (Baltimore, USA)

   Including lists of Bishops and Priests of Ireland
   By D. and J. Sadlier (Baltimore, 1869) - GB

The Sermons, Lectures and Speeches Cardinal Wiseman during his Tour of Ireland

   with The Impressions of his Tour
   By Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman (Dublin, 1859) - OL

St. Patrick's Orphan Asylum

   The Work of Fathers Dowd, O'Brien and Quinlivan with Biographies and Illustrations
   Edited by Hon. J. J, Curran J.S.C. (Montreal, 1902) - OL

Some Notable Conversions in the County of Wexford

   By the Rev. Francis J. Kirk (London, 1901) - OL

Travels of an Irish Gentleman in Search of a Religion

   to the People of Ireland, this defence of their Ancient, National Faith, is inscribed...
   By the Editor of 'Captain Rock's Memoirs' (Baltimore, USA 1844) - OL

   From "The Channing Centenary in America, Great Britain and Ireland" [Dr. William Ellery Channing, Unitarian preacher]; Lists of attendees
   By Russell Nevins Bellows (Boston, 1881) - OL


* Ancient Cures, Charms and Usages of Ireland
   some mention of witchcraft, superstitions, druidic charms, etc.
   By Lady Wilde (Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde - nee Elgee) (London, 1890) - OL - Jane Wilde in: Wikipedia

Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

   mention of druids, witchcraft, fairies, holy wells, legends of saints, etc.
   By Lady Wilde (London, 1902) - IA

* Antipas; A Solemn Appeal to the Right Reverend The Archbishops and Bishops of the United Churches of England and Ireland
   With reference to Several Bills passed or passing through The Imperial Parliament especially that concerning Witchcraft and Sorcery
   Published by William Stockdale (London, 1821) - OL

   - A Contemporary Narrative of the Proceedings against Dame Alice Kyteler
     Prosecuted for Sorcery in 1324 by Richard de Ledrede, Bishop of Ossory
     Edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., M.A., F.S.A. etc. (London, 1843) - OL
   - The Kilkenny Witchcraft Case
     Transactions of the Ossory Archaeological Society
     By James Morrin, Esq. (Kilkenny, 1879) - IA - Alice Kyteler in: Wikipedia

Irish Witchcraft and Demonology
   By St. John D. Seymour, B.D. (Baltimore, USA, 1913) - IA

* Trial of Florence Newton for Witchcraft in Cork, 1661

   Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society
   By James F. Fuller, F.S.A. (Cork, 1904) - OL - Florence Newton in: Wikipedia

* Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland

   First Series
   Collected and Arranged by Lady Gregory: with Two Essays and Notes by W. B. Yeats (New York, London, 1920) - OL

* Witchcraft
   in O'Hart's 'Irish Pedigrees' Vol II
   By John O'Hart (New York, 1915) - IA


   An Essay on Irish Sectarianism and English Government
   By W. E. H. Lecky (Dublin, 1911) - OL - William Edward Hartpole Lecky in: Wikipedia

Ireland and Her Churches
   By James Godkin (London, 1867) - OL

* Ireland, Her Wit, Peculiarities, and Popular Superstitions

   By Distinguished Irish Writers (Dublin, 1900) - OL

* Ireland Past and Present

   history of religion in Ireland; Illustrated
   By Rev. Aug. J. Thebaud (New York, 1899) - IA

Munster Province

   Irish County Maps showing the location of Churches
   By The Genealogical Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Salt Lake City, 1977) - IA

The Religious History of Ireland
   Primitive, Papal, and Protestant
   By James Godkin (London, 1873) - OL
   James Godkin in: Wikipedia

Sketches of the Irish Highlands

   Descriptive, Social and Religious. With special Reference to Irish Missions in West connaught since 1840
   By Rev. Henry M'Manus (London, 1863) - OL

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